Sun, Aug 20, 2017

Been out on beautiful Banderas Bay this season? Just about everyone who goes out says one thing: The Whales Are Back! After a season of warmer waters that attracted very few whales, this season the whales have returned in numbers larger than we've seen in quite a while.

During last week's Vallarta Cup race, markset crew Larry and Yoshie Butts and Jim Corsini were treated to a close encounter while waiting for boats to round the weather mark. Two whales surfaced very near their boat, and proceeded to give them a show. Yoshie captured it all on video.

Whale watching is one of the many reasons for getting off the dock and checking out this beautiful bay. Keep in mind that you need to give the wildlife some space - licensed whale watch organizations are allowed no closer than 100 meters, and unlicensed boats no closer than 300 meters. If a whale comes up near you unnannounced, as they did with our mark crew, just say calm and slowly move away. NOAA recommends that if your engine is off, as it was with our crew, tap the side of your boat to let them know you are around.

There are plenty of reasons to enjoy this wonderful bay we live on - the wind, the wildlife and the beautiful scenery. Get out there and check it out!

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